Cute Booty Pants - Standard Colors

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SKU: PT-3001-M-STA

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Amy Hopkins, 09/27/2015

Ordered these pants for work... They are so comfortable I will be ordering more!!!

Reviewed by Ashley, 07/29/2015

These pants fit me AMAZING! And I'm 5'10 with a large body frame. XL was perfect!

Reviewed by BennyKulka, 08/23/2013

Can you make more colors? My husband has never touched my butt so much! Thank you :)

Reviewed by SoidoZoon, 08/17/2013

These are AMAZING! I ordered a similar pair from Beach Bunny. The fabric was cheap and didn't wash well. I then found out that they copied you so I just had to try the real ones! They are perfect. Fabric is like butter and your pockets are way more flattering.

Reviewed by michelle michals, 01/04/2013

My husband without knowing what I was wearing was like, "Your butt looks really cute in those pants." They are the most comfy pants and make me feel super skinny in them. Love the hearts on the butt and silky ribbon!!!

Reviewed by Kelsye, 12/13/2012

I'm obsessed!! These are a good alternative to the usual name brand comfy pants I wear. I don't have to sacrifice sexy for comfy with these. I def recommend these pants to all sized girls. I've seen it on dif body shapes and it looks great.

Reviewed by Susan, 11/27/2012

Love my cute booty pants and so do my friends! Definitely worth it to buy! I bought black with a ton of beautiful ties! I'll be back for more!

Reviewed by Zanaya, 12/27/2011

Super cute pants!!!

Reviewed by Jean Vosburgh, 12/20/2011

I am obsessed with these! I fly from Dallas to LA to Santa Barbara at least once a month and I am literally stopped everytime by atleast one person per airport wanting to know where I got them! I want to own them all :)

Reviewed by Cheryl W., 02/09/2011

I ordered a pair of the lightweight cute booty pants and I love them so much I went and ordered 3 more pairs, however I would say they are a little on the expensive side but so worth it, I have never seen anything like it and I love them!! I just ordered some of the cargo booty ones too and I cant wait to get those!! My husband and my sister both said the pants look amazing!! Oh and their customer service is out of this world just fantastic they really are there to please you!! :-)

Reviewed by Denise Taylor, 02/03/2011

I just got a pair of my Cute Booty pants as a gift from my mom. WOW! They are sooo comfortable and im a full figured woman. My booty still looks cute in these pants and my husband thinks they are really flattering. He even asked me if i was working out! I love them!! These are the best pants, and they are worth the money.

Reviewed by Stefanie Devlin, 01/06/2011

Review Date - 8/2/10

***My Cute Booty Pants***

Just ordered and received two pairs of the lightweight Cute Booty Pants...the quality of these pants is simply undescribable! They are so soft, so lightweight, so beautiful..I want them in EVERY color! My husband's thoughts on the pants? He took one look & said they were 'a marvel of engineering' and that they should be banned in all 50 states! LOL...I guess we are both in love with the pants :)

Reviewed by Michele V., 01/06/2011

Review Date - 7/30/10

***Love my Cute Booty Pants!***

I just got my Cute Booty Pants today!! They are great and very comfortable. They fit great and I can't wait to wear them. They also got good reviews from my husband!

Reviewed by Taraji P. Henson, 01/05/2011

I Love my Kelly Nishimoto "Cute Booty" Pants! I call them my "All Day" pants because I can wear them from yoga to dinner...and they do make your booty look fabulous!